Thursday, October 04, 2007

Operation Dance Revised

On Mardi Gras Day I had my camera with me. When Argus stopped for a while I noticed a crowd nearby cheering. I went to the center of the street to see what was causing the commotion. A couple of guys with a dance group were break dancing.

In all my excitement I treated my camera like a regular camera when the dance group, “Operation Dance”, arrived – that is I turned it sideways. That would have been fine if I was shooting a still image. Instead, I was shooting video.

45 sec

Later on that day I figured out how to rotate the image. However when I uploaded to YouTube, the image was stretched out horizontally. The sound had disappeared when I imported my video from Quicktime to iMovie HD. Earlier this year I located a piece of freeware that keeps sound attached to a video - a Sony camera to Apple Mac issue.

Recently I purchased iLife ’08. The iMovie program that comes with packet helped me crop my video as well as keep rotate the video properly. The sound works fine too. For comparison see the earlier version Operation Dance.

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